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Build Privileged Access Management into DevOps

Keep pace with rapid development cycles and reduce the risk of identity and privilege-based attacks.

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DevOps teams have no patience for the hand-offs and wait times required by traditional security controls.

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DevOps without access control and secrets management exposes security gaps attackers can easily exploit.

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PAM that manages dynamic access and integrates with CI/CD tools aligns DevOps and security goals.

Manage DevOps privileges with central security controls

Every stage of your DevOps workflow involves privilege:

  • Teams need the freedom to select tools and build environments that manage sensitive data.
  • Systems for code storage, compilation, testing, and deployment require immediate access to data sources, application services, and other tools.
  • Configuration management and orchestration systems must connect without human intervention.

You can meet DevOps requirements at every stage using connected, centrally managed solutions that balance security and productivity.

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Critical Controls for Modern Cloud Security

The rapid, iterative DevOps workflow exposes numerous security vulnerabilities. 
Download the whitepaper to see how PAM for the cloud lowers your risk. 


Make sure the right users get the right access, only when they need it

In a DevOps team, many people need on-demand access to source code, tools, test servers, production builds, and more to administer systems and debug issues.

Unfortunately, it’s common to share private keys and credentials, which increases risk of insider threats and makes it impossible to audit usage.

With Delinea, you can automatically authenticate against any directory source to confirm the DevOps user is who they say they are.

To reduce risk of standing access, a dynamic secret gets created at the time of access request and then destroyed when the session is terminated.

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Ensure visibility and control over all DevOps environments

DevOps teams must build products and features compatible with different types of environments, so they test hardware at multiple locations, including cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud. These environments appear and disappear rapidly.

With Delinea you can make sure access for all environments is secured, monitored during their brief lifespan, and removed completely when no longer needed.

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Vault secrets, credentials, and keys for safe storage

To save time, developers may engage in risky practices that open a back door for attackers:

  • Embedding/hardcoding credentials in applications, containers, and microservices
  • Keeping credentials in a repository like GitHub during build and then committing them to production
  • Unwittingly picking up and integrating shared credentials from open-source code

Instead, with Delinea, developers can store secrets in the same vault used by the rest of your enterprise and retrieve them programmatically.

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Close security gaps in your CI/CD toolchain

DevOps employs a changing set of fragmented tools, requiring constant integration of new software and applications.

Delinea allows developers to install DevOps applications and run processes without having local admin privileges.

Delinea’s API makes integration easy. Plus, Delinea has out-of-the-box integrations with common DevOps tools, including:

  • Ansible
  • Azure DevOps
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Palo Alto XSOAR

Explore Delinea’s 200+ integrations »

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Securely manage robotic process automation

Like any person or account with special privileges, RPA robots in the DevOps process require oversight and management.

With Delinea, robots can make API calls to get credentials from your central PAM vault and then log in to machines or services to do whatever they’ve been programmed to do.

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