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Enforce Least Standing Privilege on Servers


Privilege Control for Servers

Enforce least privilege by centralizing authorization controls consistently across identities.


Protect Windows, Linux, and Unix servers with privilege controls 

Prevent Lateral Movement Icon

Prevent lateral movement

Apply zero trust and least privilege principles to prevent lateral movement while providing just-in-time and just-enough privileged access.

Streamline Authentication Icon

Streamline authentication

Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at server log-in and privilege elevation for additional identity assurance.

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Simplify compliance

Harden privileges on Windows, Linux, and Unix servers across all identities that have direct server access for granular tracking and reporting.  

See how you can mitigate risk without causing friction

Enforce zero trust and least privilege best practices on Windows, Linux and Unix servers in hybrid cloud environments.

Delinea seamlessly and granularly controls privileged access to servers with just-in-time and just enough privilege elevation and provides identity assurance with layered MFA enforcement to prevent lateral movement while increasing accountability.

Why Delinea Privilege Control for Servers?

Comprehensive Discovery

Maintain visibility across servers, accounts, and related privileges in your IT environment as assets and identities evolve.

Adaptive Authentication

Verify every identity with layers of Multi-Factor Authentication enforcement from server log-in to privilege elevation.

Host-based Insights

Monitor, record, and centralize an audit trail of activity on each server to quickly detect anomalous activity and demonstrate compliance.

AD Bridging

Join non-Windows systems to Active Directory, extending centralized control and oversight across Windows, Linux, and Unix systems and network devices.

Policy Management

Ensure all identities are automatically granted elevated privileges at the right time, with centralized controls that increase IT efficiency.


Unify Privileged Access Management for all identity types so your team can work more efficiently

Secure privileged access to Windows, Linux and Unix servers with automated policy-based access controls. Quickly eliminate standing privilege and reduce the number of privileged identities to manage while increasing productivity. Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at depth to ensure the right identity has the right privileges at the right time with a full audit trail.

Check out our interactive demos to experience these capabilities yourself.

Privilege Control for Servers is critical to extending PAM

The standard definition of PAM isn’t sufficient for the growing risk of cyberattacks. We believe PAM must address the exploding number of identities and today’s IT complexities. 

Our products provide effective authorization controls for an identity-centric approach to security. 

Learn more about extended PAM »


Transform Server Security: Introducing Privilege Control for Servers (PCS)

Learn more about Privilege Control for Servers in this webinar. The Delinea product team walks you through a PCS demo and reviews the top features. Experience the simplicity of securing access to your servers, and get your answers firsthand from the product team in this webinar demo.

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